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Differences Between Nursing Home Facilities & Assisted Living

What are the main differences between nursing home facilities and assisted living? When seniors and their families are looking for living options and special...
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Introduce In-Home Care To Seniors: 3 Essential Tips

It’s hard to suddenly introduce in home care into the life of seniors. Oftentimes it’s too difficult for seniors to admit they need assistance...
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Caregiver Theft, Caregiving Scams, Caregiving Fraud

Caregiver theft is unfortunately one of the most common concerns before hiring in-home care. Families hesitate when hiring a caregiver, house keepers (and even plumbers...
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Malnutrition in Elderly & Dementia

Malnutrition. Can you guess how malnutrition paired with dementia can affect seniors negatively? While many know some of the symptoms caused by dementia such as...
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